19 Jul 2021

7 SEO Tips for SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced

If you’ve chosen NetSuite SuiteCommerce (SC) or SuiteCommerce Advanced (SCA) to run your e-commerce website, you’re on the right path to successfully grow your business. But when it comes to delivering high-conversion shopping experiences and driving customers to your site, where do you stand? Is your site optimized for search engines via SEO? Are you working with an SEO consultant? Regardless, it’s no secret that SEO is critical to your bottom line, especially in a digitally-focused, highly competitive environment.  

Within the SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced platforms, there are several ways to boost your SEO and drive traffic to your site. As experts in this space, GIR has the platform-level experience required to get SEO right for your NetSuite SC or SCA site. So whether it’s working with your internal team or SEO firm, GIR has the expertise needed to enable effective SEO so users can discover your products quickly and organically.

Let’s take a closer look at the top 7 tips and tricks to improve SEO for SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced websites.

1. It’s All in the Data: Leveraging Google Analytics

What are your customers searching for? How are they searching? Do they look for products via SKUs, categories or features? To build an effective onsite search strategy, it’s vital to understand the insights provided by analytics platforms such as Google Analytics.

By connecting Site Search Tracking in Google Analytics, you gain insight into the top keywords visitors search for to land on your site. With this data, you can bolster your onsite e-commerce strategy, which will lead to more conversions. SC and SCA’s configuration options allow you to select every page you want search engines to crawl. Maximize this opportunity.

2. Keyword Matching and Fuzzy Matching: The Key to New Opportunities

Google Analytics identifies when people look for something and do not get any results so that you can take advantage of untapped sales opportunities. For example, if you’re looking for paint, you might type in “paint” or “art supplies” but find nothing when you type in “art supplies.” NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced allows you to plug in every single option potential customer types into Google so that you can expand your online sales funnel.

People might also misspell words when looking for a product. SuiteCommerce Advanced’s “fuzzy matching” feature allows you to plug in common spelling errors that might occur when people are searching for a product so you don’t lose potential customers.

3. Use Synonyms to Improve Customer Experience

People often use different words to describe the same product. By populating NetSuite SuiteCommerce or SuiteCommerce Advanced with synonyms, you do the work for the customer and ensure they can find the product they want, no matter which word they use to describe it. A note of caution, though - always use synonyms with care. Synonyms improve the customer experience when used properly, but if there are too many or they are not set up well, it can cause confusion and hurt your search credibility. To learn more about UX strategies to boost your website, click here.

4. Update your Data Catalog

The catalog data on your SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced website needs to mirror what shoppers input when looking for and landing on your website. Which words are they plugging in, and exactly how do they describe the product they’re looking for? There are also multiple fields within the catalog, so you can increase the ability to be found. With that said, only make those fields with the exact terms that people are using to find your products – available to search engines. These updates will make it easier and faster for Google to find you.

5. Add Unique Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

Every page of your website needs to have its own unique page title and meta description, or else Google may view the content as repetitive and not rank it. For example, if you have ten pages entitled “Texas Data Center,” it is unlikely that all of these pages will show up in search results. If configured properly, SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced pull your product’s title and description and use them as the page’s title and meta description.

6. Schema Markup

Schema markups give search engines a much richer understanding of your website and showcase this information through Rich Snippets. SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced include the option to enable JSON LD markup — the industry best practice for schema markup – under the Configuration Tab.

7. Partner With an Expert

Schema markups give search engines a much richer understanding of your website and showcase this information through Rich Snippets. SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced include the option to enable JSON LD markup — the industry best practice for schema markup – under the Configuration Tab.

From SSP (Single Page Application) and SEO Page Generator to Faceted Search Navigation and tracking codes, there are many features that SC and SCA offer to optimize your site’s SEO. Knowing these options for SEO when using SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced is one thing – maximizing these opportunities is another.

GIR has witnessed firsthand, time and time again, the exponential growth that SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced can make possible. Helping clients design an SEO strategy to enable success is a part of our holistic approach to empowering e-commerce businesses to “Get it Right.”


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