05 Feb 2021

5 User Experience (UX) Strategies to Boost Your Website

In today’s digital age, the way a user interacts with your brand’s website or mobile application is vital to your company’s success. A seamless and high-quality user experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with your brand, from simply across to your website to your products and services. Typically, the first exchange consumers have with your brand is when they enter and begin navigating your website. Therefore, it is critical to build and maintain your website and app with User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) at the forefront of your design.

At GIR, as your NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced experts, we know building a UX strategy is no small feat. As a spin-off of one of the world’s most successful e-commerce companies, our team is experienced and has proven success in bolstering a brand’s UX via a robust and well-designed e-commerce website.

In this blog, our experience shines through as we rounded up our experts to discuss the top strategies and tips to skyrocket your website’s UX.

Keep reading for 5 User Experience (UX) Strategies to Boost Your Website.




1. Increase UX with a Visual Hierarchy

It's always a good practice to guide the user's experience by leading them through your interface. Where do you want them to look first, second, or even third? Through studies like this one by Ahram Canadian University (ACU), most users have a hard time concentrating on multiple objects. It’s important to use visual communication throughout your design, as most consumers are visual thinkers, not data processors. To generate a more engaging design and UX, you must clearly communicate your ideas visually to users, or you risk losing their attention.

GIR Tip: We recommend overlapping a design element to increase a page's continuity.


2. Maximize Compatibility with User's Workflow

Every user that arrives on your site has different needs and wants. Allowing users to control the order and appearance of the data ultimately maximizes conversions. This approach enables a user on your site to quickly find what they need and how they want to search. In return, this will generate a more customized user experience and likely, more results.



3. Identify Personas for Specific Workflows

How a user wants to interact with your brand via your website differs from person to person. Identifying a potential customer’s pain points or interests based on individual personas will help you design a better workflow to increase value across your set of target audiences.

GIR TIP: Different personas greatly vary. A student, usually younger and not yet employed, may seek a discount or offer versus a seasoned and busy executive, who would moreso value a fast and rapid experience across your site.



4. Help Users Minimize Potential Errors

When designing your UI, you can reduce the number of potential errors by simplifying the process. At GIR, we recommend approaching the design as a guided process and helping users quickly overcome their problems.

GIR TIP: If you disable buttons when users click them, duplicate submissions will be unlikely to occur.





5. Design UI with Visual Balance

Without visual balance, you create visual tension, which has a negative impact on how your site is perceived. Studies have shown that UI is more friendly when it’s aesthetically pleasing. Researchers Masaaki Kurosu and Kaori Kashimura first studied this effect in 1995, finding that users are strongly influenced by an interface’s aesthetic, even when evaluating functionality. A popular way to design with balance utilizes Fibonacci Squares (aka the Golden Ratio) approach. Creating designs using this mathematical principle will quickly improve your layout's usability.


In conclusion, applying UI and UX strategies to boost your website while delighting your visitors and customers is an ever-evolving and vital process. These five strategies just scratch the surface of how UI and UX can help your e-commerce business soar and stay ahead! 

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