10 Jan 2022

Website Recommenders

Offering recommended products to customers is an integral part of any eCommerce website. It helps drive revenue and gives visibility to more products to your customers.  Although there may be multiple ways one can implement product recommendations to their website, this blog will address 3 different recommenders that can be used in an SCA website. 

  1. NetSuite Upsell Manager

  2. SC Extension Intelligent Item Recommendations

  3. Third-party recommender


NetSuite Upsell Manager 

NetSuite Upsell Manager is available to all NetSuite SuiteCommerce websites as a default functionality out of the box. It leverages the Upsell Manager Wizard to display which products to show to your customers. You can choose to upsell items that you already know you want to upsell, or base it on past purchases. Users will have to manually enable this feature under the CRM sub tab of Enable Features page. The feature is called Upsell Manager. After enabling, this feature can easily be added to an SCA website by navigating under the Upsell subtab of the Website Setup page. However, the disadvantage to using the Upsell Manager is that it can only be displayed in the Product Details Pages or the Shopping Cart Page.  


SC Extension Intelligent Item Recommendations 

SC Extension Intelligent Item Recommendations is another recommender offered by NetSuite that is available to customers using SCA version 18.2 or above. Users will have to manually enable this feature under the CRM sub tab of Enable Features page. The feature is called Intelligent Recommendations. This recommender allows the user to easily add recommended products to their SCA website through Site Management Tools. Recommended products can be based on each individual shopper’s purchase history and items bought by other shoppers with a similar purchase history. An added feature of this recommender is that it has fallback recommendations to display either, popular items or new items instead, if it cannot generate a list of recommended products. 

Third-party Recommender 

Third-party recommender can also be used on SCA websites if the developer is familiar with the third party’s API for accessing item recommendations and customizing SuiteCommerce Advanced websites. One third-party recommender GIR was able to implement was from Listrak. Listrak has an API for displaying recommenders on any website, using their own algorithm to display products. GIR was able to leverage the Listrak’s recommender API and make changes to an existing SuiteCommerce website accordingly so that the recommended products are being controlled/generated through Listrak platform instead of NetSuite. 


It’s evident that product recommendations drive commercial results. They’re an easy tactic to integrate throughout your entire SuiteCommerce Advanced setup. And they can deliver a unique shopping experience to every recipient and visitor. 

As one can see from above, there are various ways to display product recommendations to a website, and GIR is constantly trying to find the best method possible to improve on this. If you’re looking at how to increase sales in 2022, product recommender could be a real game-changer. One which will let your customers reach to the right products, at the right time.  

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