14 Sep 2023

NetSuite Support Case System – Dashboard

NetSuite Dashboard Overview

  • Your NetSuite dashboard can be a customizable, visual user interface. Each widget within the dashboard serves a different purpose, showing results in real-time. Each can monitor, analyse, and measure indicators such as team performance, customer service issues, support case requests, etc.

  • The interactive dashboard gives each team member access to the company’s most insightful tracking data on a single, shareable platform.

  • The goal of each dashboard should be to provide a visual of the data points most related to the team’s highest priorities.

Case Management Dashboard

  • Case Management: Key Performance Metrics (KPIs)

  • The information is collected from multiple sources across the business, typically a combination of marketing sales and customer service activities, expressed in graphs, charts, and lists.

open cases kpi new cases kpi

Key Performance Metrics

Case Status View

Customize your case status view based on filters provided and be able to track relevant cases in one location.


Case Reminders

Set easy to read and monitor reminders of cases that may be past deadline.


Case Assigned to individual team members – Custom Search


Ability to create individual overviews for each team member for an in-depth look.

Ability to create individual overviews for cases

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To effectively manage support cases, it is imperative to have the key indicators, reports, lists, and reminders that are most important to your team’s success!

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