23 Mar 2021

Introducing GIR Software Services: Built by NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced Experts

Enabling E-Commerce Transformation for Future-Driven Businesses

After a year of planning and collaborating to bring our brand to life, we’re excited to finally announce the official launch of GIR Software Services.  Designed to meet the challenges of today’s unique landscape, GIR is focused on enabling businesses with the NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced solutions and expertise needed to migrate or upgrade their e-commerce capabilities.

As we embark on this journey spearheaded by our CEO and Founder, Marshall Lerner, noted Netsuite expert Palak Choksi, and team of technology experts, GIR enters the e-commerce support industry with more than 35 years of combined experience and expertise in designing tailored e-commerce, software development, and NetSuite SuiteCommerce and SuiteCommerce Advanced integrations and deployments.

How it all Began

With the need for e-commerce rapidly accelerating, even before the pandemic, our nimble leaders initially identified the need for these niche services in 2016, while looking for a new platform to replace their underperforming website for their now industry-leading e-commerce business. Quickly recognizing the advantages of a native NetSuite web platform, Lerner and his skilled team became early adopters of SuiteCommerce Advanced.

Over the years, they realized that if they wanted to truly maximize the benefits of SuiteCommerce, they would need to build that expertise in-house. In 2019, Lerner and Choksi came up with the idea of expanding the team to help other companies maximize the growing B2B and B2C opportunities that exist today and realizing the operational efficiencies gained by running NetSuite ERP and NetSuite SuiteCommerce. And from there, GIR was born! 

“With the critical shift to digital commerce becoming even more prevalent due to the pandemic, we decided to launch GIR to give businesses the support they need to stay ahead in an increasingly competitive marketplace,” says Marshall Lerner, CEO and Founder of GIR Software Services.

The Critical Need for NetSuite SuiteCommerce

The global pandemic in 2020 created an e-commerce boom that forced nearly every B2B or B2C company to shift to online. The ability for consumers to shop online shifted from a “want” to a “need” and only those able to keep up with customer demands will continue to thrive. In fact,  this McKinsey study found that “More than three-quarters of buyers and sellers say they now prefer digital self-serve and remote human engagement over face-to-face interactions—a sentiment that has steadily intensified even after lockdowns have ended.”

Working Together to Get it Right 

Working with GIR provides companies with the ability to support their e-commerce business with the expertise they need to improve operational efficiencies and increase revenue. With customer expectations at an all-time high, potential buyers want to find what they are looking for quickly, and businesses need to maximize sales opportunities. At GIR, we put our SuiteCommerce Advanced knowledge to work for you so you can create fast and engaging web stores that deliver great omnichannel shopping experiences optimized for any device while providing seamless migration and integrations. 

Following the mission to provide e-commerce solutions in all areas of NetSuite through a customer-centric approach and a “Get It Right” principle, GIR implements best-in-class NetSuite software solutions to help clients differentiate their brand and online presence and surpass customers expectations.

As NetSuite e-commerce experts, GIR maintains an impressive list of services including:

  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced
  • NetSuite SuiteCommerce Standard
  • Retail Management Software
  • NetSuite Web Design
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • Digital Strategy and Custom Solutions
  • NetSuite Automated Services

The shift to online sales that started as a necessity has seemingly become the new way of life, but only those companies technologically prepared will thrive in the new environment. That's why we’re excited to offer e-commerce businesses the expertise needed to succeed and scale in 2021 and beyond. Welcome to GIR! 

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