04 Jan 2022

Importance of QA/QC for the NetSuite SuiteCommerce Website

What is QA/QC?

Quality Assurance is the process of managing the quality of the products/services/web application within your organization. For Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced website, in an eCommerce context software quality assurance ensures accuracy and most commonly undertaken prior to updates, product launches, new features and patch releases. This will become deciding factor for potential clients to buy your product from website. 

Why QA/QC is crucial? 

Now a day, consumer turn towards to the e-Commerce website for everything from clothes to groceries, they’re also becoming more impatient. If within minutes of arriving at your web store a new visitor is bogged down by a problem with the shopping cart or has to wait for slow responses, you might wave them goodbye.  

So it’s crucial to check that your web store performs smoothly under various conditions and doesn’t have major defects that can harm your business. This can only be achieved by strongly managed QA/QC processes. 

QA/QC strategy for Web Store 

A standard approach to quality assurance will include the following basic elements, encompassing a mix of manual and automated testing scenarios which is applicable to any web application. 

  • Functional Testing 

  • Regression Testing 

  • UI/UX Testing 

  • Security Testing 

  • Performance Testing 

  • A/B Testing 

In context to Netsuite SuiteCommerce Advanced website: The QA checklist which should be considered while testing e-Commerce features as below. This list is not a comprehensive list, but it gives a flavor of the kind of key areas that quality assurance would cover in e-commerce.


  • Forms and Login: All the data should be collected and stored correctly. Validation and authentication check should be covered in testing. Login should be secured and lead to appropriate pages. 

  • Product Page: Images, descriptions, prices, and stock levels should all display correctly. 

  • Product Listing Pages: It should display different styled view, different filtering option with specific categories 

  • Product detail page: It should display product detailed information with required inventory checks. 

  • Shipping Cart: Products should be added to the shopping cart, price alterations should be automatic and vouchers, promotions, discounts, etc. should be accounted for. 

  • Checkout and Payment gateway: The payment process should be well defined, there should be no glitches and all costs should be added (taxes, shipping, handling etc.). 

  • Notification:  Email notification to customer for order confirmation is primary requirement for e-commerce website. Other event based notification should be part of testing. 

  • Third party Integration: All the third party integration should be working without compromising security( Payment, Reviews, Recommendations etc) 

  • Omni-channel user experience:  Web store should compatibility across platforms including desktop, mobile, tablets and more 

  • Load time (When heavy traffic of concurrent users): Page load speed and browser compatibility are highly important when high traffic on web store, also should be measured against industry benchmarks. 


QA/QC is essential for businesses because it plays a key role in accomplishing the expectations and demands of customers. A comprehensive, detailed approach to quality assurance can ensure that e-commerce business, whether big or small, are able to avoid the potential risk of bugs and hacks.

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