29 Dec 2021

How to Set Up SuiteCommerce InStore & Use of Promotion

What is SuiteCommerce InStore?

It is a browser-based point of sale application that helps ecommerce merchant storefronts to process customer orders on a cash register with a virtual terminal. It can also help storefronts to use promotions on orders.  

SCIS helps to increase departmental sales as the SuiteApp can be run on any mobile device allowing merchants to engage customers more effectively.  

SCIS is installed as a SuiteApp bundle, and it is not included part of core products. You need to contact your account manager to add it into your NetSuite account.  


Benefits of SuiteCommerce InStore Vs. NetSuite legacy Point of Sale (Retail Anywhere):

  1. Fully integrated online application with NetSuite (One order management system, One inventory management system to support B2B and B2C customers)

  2. Help storefront to provide personalized shopping and brand experience

  3. Fallback feature helps to operate in the offline mode (Requires fallback PIN number)

  4. Sales team can use SCIS to help remote customers/dealers

  5. Provide secure checkout experience following PCI compliance



Set up SCIS and Use of promotions:

  • Key steps to set up and configure SCIS

  • Process sales transactions using SCIS fallback mode

  • Advanced Promotion Setup (Not included in this blog, please contact us to discuss requirements)

Initial Setup:

It requires the following four managed bundles to start working on the initial set up.
  • SuiteCommerce InStore

  • Reference Product List Records

  • Reference Product Review Records

  • SuiteCommerce InStore Application Performance Management (APM) – Optional Bundle


How to apply promotion (coupon) codes to a sales order in SCIS?

Oracle NetSuite has made easy to enable promotions record in ERP. Once promotions are enabled for the web store, store associate can apply coupons to offer the best possible discount to customer buying products from the store.

To learn more, please click here

Process sales transactions using SCIS fallback mode

  • Fallback mode allows storefront / sales team to perform point-of-sale transaction in the offline mode

  • Fallback mode helps when NetSuite backend account is not accessible or temporary internet outages.

  • Orders are batched in the mobile or peripheral device during fallback mode. Once connection to NetSuite is restored, orders are communicated to NetSuite server asynchronously

Limitation of the Fallback mode:



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