22 Aug 2022

Here Are the Best Options to Improve Website Search for NetSuite SCA (SuiteCommerce Advanced) Website

The present times have redefined search engine optimization strategies with diminishing attention spans on the internet. Consumers want quick answers to their problems. In a matter of a few seconds, a quick Google search answers historical questions, help you find the right product you need, and can end up in a trivial situation.

With the same ease, every customer expects when browsing through to search for a suitable eCommerce website. To make an advanced website search for the SuiteCommerce Website you need to frame a workable strategy that can show you in a few clicks.

Because all those customers who shop via on-site search get twice converted as often and can give you a higher-order value as compared to other options.

What are the ways to improve search results by using advanced features?

Use of Google Analytics

A platform like Google Analytics can help you trace your search behavior and give you the detailed information. Turn on Site Search Tracking on your Google Analytics account and connect it to your internal site search. This will show you all the keywords that people search for on your NetSuite SCA website. Using these keywords you can design your custom solution to show relevant search results.

Keywords Match with Content

The keywords play a crucial role in searching your NetSuite SCA website. Use your keywords carefully and especially attach them to all item names in your eCommerce platform. This makes sure your customers get relevant results for popular search items. Rely on Google Analytics data to ensure the relevant keywords for a product and use them in the product names.

 The keyword matching in eCommerce site search usually ensures that singular and plural versions of a word and root words get included in your search results. Secondly, remember to use the exact matching word on the item name. If a customer knows the complete name of the product that they want, then there will be a great chance that they will buy your product, because they quickly found out what they are looking for.

Use synonyms

NetSuite SuiteAnalytics and Google Analytics can help you to find common alternate names and spellings that your customers search for. Some of the examples like group synonyms can trigger results for multiple words that fall into the same meaning. For example, if you search for sneakers, training shoes, or runners, it would all mean nearly the same. The search engine will return the results for all three keywords together. The same way goes for an office backpack, laptop backpack, or commuter backpack. Similarly, the word “tablet” can bring you back with results for Galaxy Tab, iPad, and Kindle Fire.

Proper use of synonyms can improve the customer experience. However, too many can even confuse and can affect the search credibility.

Fuzzy Keyword Search

Google search engine sometimes also values blurry and indistinct word captions. Yes, you read it right. A fuzzy match can become a more flexible version of keyword matching. Such a match sometimes allows queries that are one or two characters away from a particular keyword that you want to show up on the NetSuite SCA website.

Be it a misspelled word with a missing character, mixed-up letters, or extra characters, it includes everything. So if in case a shopper looks for pyjamas, but accidentally types “paijama”, “pajama”, or “pajma”, they will still find the relevant results.

NetSuite Native Smart Search Analytics

NetSuite also natively provides analytics which provides insightful information about keywords customers are searching for the most and the ones they are searching for but not finding any search results. This will help to identify popular products and missing products in the web-store.

Dynamic Top Product or Category Filter

Another way to improve your search result is by showing up the relevant top search category and product on your website. It will help customer to filter specific products from the available options.

Display cross-selling options    

It is possible when a customer is looking for something and that keyword is not displaying any search results on a website. Rather showing up no result message, we can display other promotional products or selling items for cross-selling opportunities.

Trending Search

To gain higher traction towards your website, you must find out those keywords that are most trending via your search engine. Show the Top 10 searched product categories and products for the month based on the relevant product or services that you offer, add up these keywords that are seen growing in popularity. The reason why you should do this is it makes the users' search activity easier in finding relevant websites based on the keywords that they use.


Personalized Search History

Showing up search history will also help users to quickly access the product which frequently searched or purchased by a customer. Use browser history, search history, and even clicks data to find out the search results and to identify the target keywords for customers.


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