04 May 2023

How to enable Make a Payment link on SCA (SuiteCommerce Advanced) Website?

How to enable native “Make a payment” link on SCA (SuiteCommerce Advanced) website for customers with terms and can pay an Invoice?

When the customers need to pay the invoice on the SuiteCommerce Advanced website, ask NetSuite Administrator to enable following configurations.

  1. Enable checkbox “Allow Non-Credit Card Payment Methods During Checkout.” (Open website record. Click on Shopping Tab. Enable checkbox located underneath Payments Page)

  2. Select Sales Order Type as “Per Customer Basis” from the checkout preference section.

  3. Besides above two configurations, all the existing customers or new customers records must have standard payment terms set for invoice payment.

How to access “Make a payment” link from My Account page of SuiteCommerce Advanced Website?

Visit Primaryarms.com website

Primaryarms.com website screenshot image

Login with Username and Password in Website

login form screenshot image

Navigate to My Account Section

menu link to my account overview screenshot image

Navigate to Billing > Invoice Section

billing invoice section screenshot image

Select the Invoice from List to Make a Payment. (Customer can select multiple invoices). Click on Make a Payment Button.

invoice list and make a payment button screenshot image

Verify invoice information and Click on Continue button. (Customer can edit invoice amount by clicking edit payment)

list of selected invoice for making payment screenshot image

Customer will be redirected to Payment and Review Page. Customer can provide credit/debit card information and click on Submit button to make a payment. (Customer can also Add new credit/debit card in this section).

edit payment card details screenshot image

Once the form submitted, customer get thank you message for payment confirmation. Customer can download PDF copy of receipt.

payment completed confirmation page screenshot image

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