27 Dec 2021
Email Marketing Automation to Manage Multi-channel Campaigns for NetSuite SuiteCommerce Website

What is Marketing Automation?

Effective use of lead management, NetSuite CRM, events, customize email templates for different channels, target leads by preference and set up the re-occurring email marketing campaigns to increase the probability of converting leads to customers with NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced.

NetSuite Marketing Automation helps your business to take complete advantage of natively features available within NetSuite.

Benefits of NetSuite Marketing Automation:

  • Helps you to build your brand equity

  • Helps you to increase sales

  • Helps your team to be self-reliant

  • Helps your business to outperform in the industry

  • Many others..

Some Strategies for Marketing Automation:

  • Initial Setup

  • Business Process to utilize NetSuite for the lead generation to sales-execution

  • Customize Email Marketing Templates for the transaction and the non-transactional email

  • Set up sender email address, follow best practices for leads email subscriptions and set up email campaign domain record

  • Create different Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

  • Advanced Promotion Setup (Not included in this blog, please Contact Us to discuss requirements)

Initial Setup:

Company Features: Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Click Company Tab 

Go To Data Management and Select duplicate detection and merge. This feature enables automatic detection of duplicate customer, lead and contact records. It facilitates the merge of duplicate records into a master record

This will help your team to merge duplicate customer accounts into one account. If you do not enable this setting and if your NetSuite account has duplicate records, email marketing team might end up sending duplicate emails to same lead or customers.

Go to Setup > Company > Enable Features > Click CRM Tab

Enable Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Marketing Automation, Opportunities and Lead Conversion Features

Enable Online Forms, mail merge, CRM template categories, capture email replies, subscription categories, upsell manager and sales campaigns

If you do not see marketing automation features in your NetSuite account or need any help with set up and configuration, please Contact Us.


Business Process to Utilize NetSuite for the Lead Generation to Sales-Execution

GIR Business Process NetSuite Lead Generation to Sales Execution

Customize Email Marketing Templates for the Transaction and the Non-transactional email

Use campaign assistant SuiteApp to create marketing email campaigns in NetSuite. This SuiteApp helps your marketing team to follow 3 important steps necessary for your email campaign.

  • Setting up Email Campaign Template

  • Create Marketing Group

  • Scheduling in Advance

Set up sender Email address, follow best practices for leads email subscriptions and set up email campaign domain record

Go to Set up > Marketing > Email Addresses

Use Campaign Email address record to set up sender email addresses your team would like to use when they use marketing email campaigns for promotional or non-promotional emails.

Go to Set up > Marketing > Campaign Subscriptions

Use Campaign Subscriptions record to configure different email campaign categories relevant for the email marketing.

Once sender and campaign subscriptions are set up, your business requires to-set up email domain, create marketing groups, define email preferences, configure DKIM record and build a campaign.


Create Different Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns

Go to Lists > Marketing > Marketing Campaigns > New

Please enter primary information such as title, chose category, manager, start date, URL, and select email groups you want to target.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements for email campaigns, subscriptions and any additional requirements that can help your business to follow best practices.


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